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Debra Larkin
Founder and CMO

Debra brings over 25 years of experience in high-tech marketing, where she has developed a knack for understanding market trends and consumer behavior. Her career has seen her effectively lead marketing campaigns that have had a meaningful impact on various industries.

With a background in technology, Debra has also played a key role in launching products, positioning brands, and expanding markets, particularly for notable tech companies. Her knowledge of how technology intersects with business has been a valuable asset in this field.

Expanding her expertise beyond technology, Debra co-founded a real estate and general contracting business with her husband. This venture caters to a range of clients, including in the commercial, federal, and high-end residential sectors. In her roles as Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President of Business Operations, she applies her marketing skills to the construction industry, offering new perspectives and approaches.

Outside of her professional life, Debra is deeply committed to her faith and community. She is currently the interim Executive Director and a board member of a non-profit organization focused on supporting single parent families. Her work in this area is driven by her desire to help create better futures for those in need.

Debra is also a registered Native American and takes pride in her roots, which have been a source of strength and inspiration in her journey. Her diverse career, covering high-tech marketing, real estate, construction, and community service, showcases her wide-ranging skills and dedication to making a positive difference in various fields.

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